the Hughston approach

Our orthopedic surgeons have refined the surgical techniques and approaches used in total joint arthroplasty. At Hughston Clinic, we perform a complete evaluation to see if surgery is right for you.

Why would someone need a Joint Replacement?

Arthritis and rheumatic conditions are a leading cause of disability among adults in the United States, which can lead to joint replacement as a solution.

The number of people who will need treatment for shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle arthritis is expected to skyrocket as baby boomers age. Many will consider total joint arthroplasty, commonly known as joint replacement surgery, to alleviate their symptoms.

Total joint replacement procedures for the shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle are among the most successful operations that we have in orthopedic surgery. Often, this procedure provides significant pain relief for patients who suffer from sever arthritis symptoms.

Here are some conditions and treatments that our physicians specialize in:

  • Arthritis
  • Total hip replacement
  • Hip Fracture
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Osteoarthritis of the hip
  • Shoulder replacement
  • Joint pain
  • Fractures

How do you get Arthritis?

Arthritis caused by the degeneration of cartilage produces a painful, stiff joint that can affect your quality of life. Arthritis often results from normal wear and tear of aging joints. However, sometimes arthritis occurs after trauma to the joint – whether it’s a fracture, chronic joint instability, or malalignment of the limb.